Since 2011, NYCRUNS has been producing the Brooklyn Marathon.  Until now, it has been held entirely in Prospect Park, capped at 500 participants, and sold out annually. In 2012, it won the Travlete Marathon Of The Year Award, and the race has been recognized in Runner's World and reviewed quite positively on Marathon Guide. Over time, we started calling it the Best Little Big City Race In America and it truly has been a wonderful bucolic race in years past. We're going to miss the race that was, but all along we've had big things planned, and as the saying goes, "All good things must come to an end."

The dream of NYCRUNS and of thousands of past Brooklyn Marathoners, of even more local runners, and of the Team At NYCRUNS has been to take the Brooklyn Marathon out of the park and onto the streets of our home.  We're beyond excited that 10 miles will be outside of the park this year, but the work is only just beginning. We still have to get at least another 13 miles out of the park ultimately, but more importantly, for the first time we can really deliver on our mission, and that's to help build a better Brooklyn and New York City.

We've set an audacious goal this year of raising one million dollars for local causes, but it's only the beginning. In time, we hope the Brooklyn Marathon can help raise as much as $10 Million annually. We're also hoping to build some impressive programs to help local runners of all ages.  Finally, we're hoping to align our efforts with local park's conservatories efforts. Like most New Yorkers, we love our parks. 

With that in mind, we're thrilled that you will be joining us this year, but we thought you might want to know, you're not just joining a race, you're helping us build a better community.