• The start of the NYCRUNS Brooklyn Marathon & Half Marathon is a high security zone. Please read these instructions carefully.

  • No weapons or any kind, flammable liquids, fuels, fireworks, toxic chemicals, explosives, glass containers, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, or an other item that security deems dangerous to participants, spectators, staff, or volunteers are allowed at the race.

  • All participants must pass through a magnetometer (metal detector) to enter the corrals. You will need to show your bib. Absolutely no bags, hydration packs, or camelbacks will be permitted in the corrals by security. We recommend against fuel belts.

  • Do not leave bags unattended anywhere including at VIP. tents They will be removed and likely be unrecoverable.

  • No drones are allowed.

    Bag Check

  • If you plan on checking a bag on race day, make sure to pick up a clear plastic bag at the expo. This is the only bag you will be able to use on race day. We recommend you bring as little as possible to the race as security will be checking bags closely. Bags will be transported to the finish area where you can collect them after you finish the race.

  • When arriving at the start, find the truck that corresponds with the last digit of your bib (there will be a sign on it). That’s your bag check truck and will take your bag to the finish. After you finish, this same sign at bag check is where your bag will be.

  • You must show your bib to check or recover a checked bag and to enter the corrals.

  • At bag check, security will search your bag before handing it off to a volunteer to sort. At this point, you will be unable to retrieve your bag until after the event.


  • You are not allowed to bring bags of any kind into the corral. This included camel backs, hydration packs, and the clear plastic bags we hand out.

  • You must show your bib to to enter the corrals.

  • You have been assigned a corral based on your predetermined pace. This corral is on your bib as a letter A, B, C, and so on. You may not move up in corrals, but you may move back. Following are the corrals and their estimated paces.

    AA - Under 6:00 Pace Per Mile

    A - 6 - 6:59 Pace Per Mile

    B - 7 - 7:59 Pace Per Mile

    C - 8 - 8:59 Pace Per Mile

    D - 9 - 9:59 Pace Per Mile

    E - 10 - 11:59 Pace Per Mile

    E - 12:00 + Pace Per Mile

Race safety

  • We will be using the event flag system to communicate any changes in event safety status, see graphic below.